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Overview of Storage Rack

Space management is essential for any industrial establishment. Storage Rack play a very crucial and important role in space management in industrial establishments especially in manufacturing establishments. Scientific and well ordered and documented store is essential for any small or big manufacturing stores not just for convenience but for accountability and audit purposes.  It is always Storage Rack Manufacturers offer wide range of products such as Heavy duty pallet racks, Drive in Racks, Multi tier Racks, etc. all these products are essential for efficient and clean floor and space management for an industry. It is always Advisable to have metal Storage Racks for the storage of spares, raw material and other industrial components as these products are sturdy and offers longer life.

we use high quality  steel for making Industrial rack our products and have in house facility for design, manufacturing of these products and offers customized storage solutions to customers if the rack is used for any specific purpose.  Though all these products are almost maintenance free some of the big names in the industry have in house technicians who are well trained and offer installation and maintenance solutions to customers. 

Different racks are used for different purposes. Mobile Storage systems offer optimum space utilization as aisles are eliminated and hence offer very compact design. All our products are generally customized and hence records and documents racking systems have closed cabinets and hence important office and administrative files and documents can be stored and kept under lock and key facility. Multi tier racking systems are also very popular in several industries as the height of the rack space can be adjusted as per the requirements of the material to be stored. 

We are a company with ISO certification and maintain high degree of professionalism and competence in manufacturing Storage Racks suitable for various applications in the industry. The range of these Storage Racks  are really huge hence the customers should do proper due diligence for the actual purpose of these products for their industrial requirements. Proper Storage of spares and material not only provides more useful space but also provides disciplined and positive approach for the storage various materials. The material can be easily tagged and identified thus reducing the time of operation in the work places.

Rack Manufacturers would send team of their professionals to study and provide suitable solutions to optimize space and offer suitable Storage Racks suitable for the specific industry. The investment on all of our product range is a capital investment hence the maintenance of these products is relatively very low and life span is really great.


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As an ISO 9001-2008 company, We have stage wise inspection during production process with all calibrated instruments. Manufacturing of these items are done using imported CNC machineries which gives high accurate product outputs.

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About us

We have rich technical expertise to study the space requirements of the customers and provide end to end solutions for their space optimization and space utilization. Our in house innovative design team suggests different racks for different applications. We use best quality steel supplied by reputed names in the industry like Tata and Jindal.