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All about the Smart Warehouse Technologies

The evolution of technology has become a part of our daily lives. The evolution is so fast that one knows not what surprise awaits us tomorrow. This has been proved very true in the arenas of warehousing, logistics, and distribution. The warehouse’s storage area is becoming a challenging task. No matter whether it is partially or fully packed, it still brings along with it great challenges and difficulties. Hence to deal with it, many technologies are created on a daily basis. If your business revolves around the warehouse operation, you sure must have heard of the term, Smart Warehouse.

A Smart Warehouse was once a dream for many people involved in the storage industry. It has now become a reality backed by technologies that are ready-to-purchase. The smart warehouse has completely changed the business outlook and its operation as well.

It has become very difficult to keep track of the smart warehouse especially today, where one witnesses fast advancing related technologies. The new products are very quickly introduced in the market making the warehouse smart and updated. Since it has become difficult to navigate the smart warehouse, this article will help you through the popular processes and products of the warehouse technologies.

  • Automated Picking Tools are one of the trendiest tools in the warehouse storage industry

The error perforated picking has long gone by, as the warehouse is now equipped with the near-perfect picking tools. There are different varieties of tools that are used to boost the picking procedures like cobot order picking, order picking through voice picking and pick-to-light. These technologies also have the option of barcoding that integrates perfectly with the chosen software. It presents the most accurate and fastest automated reporting impression.

Featuring Image Representing The Automated Guided Machines Isolated On A Warehouse Background.

  • Automated Guided Vehicles also known as AGVs

What better way to ramp your retrieval and storage processes other than integrating AGVs – Automated Guided Vehicles in your warehouse storage. The AGVs structural integrity is evolving at a very fast pace. They have stood strong in the market for quite a long time and are considered safer too. Apart from the safety features, they have proved to be much faster in ROI when compared to manual labor. The AGVs most prime features include the rack, pallet and other container related storage. The control is functioned in the AGV while automating the entire process of receiving.

  • Automated Inventory Control Platforms

When it is used with other technological centerpieces like the inventory tags and assets, the automated inventory control platforms are executed to carry the guesswork, labor and the extra time of the age-old inventory control. The best part about this is it is automatically built to count the inventories and the data is synthesized for real-time and fast work. The reporting is ultra-accurate that can also be remotely accessed.

  • Warehouse Management System wrangles all the important data in one platform

The warehouse management system plays a very important role in warehouse storage. All the data is securely stored in one place which can be accessed easily.

  • Collaborative Robots – Cobots

Image Depicting Industrial Collaborative Robot Holding A Package In Warehouse Industry.

We sure have learned about robotic technologies and fully automated technologies. But one must know that to accept such technologies and a huge change in the industry, it may cost much. They must be ready with the funds and also the changes that it will bring along with it. Hence, this is one of the most prime reasons that the warehouse is now focusing on robotic technologies. They are built to work alongside the associates and not in their absence. The cobots play a lead role in intact infrastructure designs and processes.

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  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems – AS/RS

They have been doing rounds in the market for a very long time. The main work of the AS/RS is to improve accuracy and throughput. But they are not easily assessed as they are a little expensive, inflexible and clunky. But they are known to be one of the best technologies as they reduce the labor costs, modular the possibilities increase accuracy and many more.

These are a few of the most popular and common products of the warehouse technologies. There is no need to bring all the latest technologies to your warehouse. Instead, look for the technology that perfectly suits your business and warehouse.

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