Difference Between Salesforce Cloud And Other Cloud Systems

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  • September 24, 2016
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    Salesforce is dominating the cloud computing scene for over a decade and half. Organizations are depending on cloud technology to establishment contacts with the customers and control business processes. To know what Salesforce Chennai cloud has to offer, it is important to understand Force.com, it is a next gen PaaS for Salesforce products like Community Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and AppExchange. It is secure, reliable, customizable and scalable. There are more than 100,000 organisations benefiting through PaaS.Please go through the below link for further information:-flosum.com.

    Functioning of Force.com
    It functions on the metadata driven software architecture and how it powers multitenant application development. It is like apartments where the residents can enjoy the main framework and yet have privacy within the four walls. The multitenancy technology was first used by Salesforce. IT can save on expenditure and resources on managing and maintaining the hardware.

    While Force.com worries about maintenance and upgrades, the companies will now focus on building application for the growth of the organization. The advantage of using Force.com is that you can develop apps without worrying about the codes. With the click of the mouse you can create, modify and customize the apps in the Web browser based dev environment.

    The recipe for success
    The metadata driven software architecture is the recipe for success. It is primarily data about the data. There is a difference between tenant data, metadata for every app and the platform. With three automated upgrades every year, the customization is not disturbed. Similarly, even when another tenant customizes the app UI there will be no breakdown. Another major advantage is that creating thousands of tenants will not slow down the runtime of the application. This goes to prove that it is easy to change and customize and the current processes are undisturbed. With Force.com you are future ready.

    sales1Salesforce is maturing as a leading cloud platform. The progress is too quick to absorb. Salesforce developers want enhancements to organize their code and improve the functionality. They want Force.com platform to push their limits. The improvements would be to govern the limits on APIs (Application Programmer Interface) performance. Though, there is complains that Force.com offers more focus on SOQL and Apex the crowd is still growing at Salesforce Platform.

    The developer area is seen as the factory for prospective apps. The Cloud Expo focuses on partnership environment while the developers area is more on future coding techniques. The Force.com Workbook released on October 1 is a great reference material for developers. Meanwhile the DeveloperForce talks about the maturity in the developer support arena.

    Moving from application into platform
    Salesforce is metamorphosing into cloud business and the results are welcoming. There is a big leap in the quality and quantity of developers since 2010 to 2012. The quality of code samples, flexibility of governor limits and good mobile support are questions that needs answers. There is an upgrading in the visual design, jQuery support and application development environment. The mobile development platform, Salesforce Touch is an asset. It was launched in the year 2011 and it is constantly evolving based on developer’s requirements reflecting the need of the customer for a mobile support.

    The apps are written in HTML 5 and accurate, quick and ideal for customer service. Meanwhile ServiceMax has created a mobile app along with their ServiceMax for iPad app specially on Force.com platform. The growth in the mobile enterprise developer in the year 2012 marks a new era. The Salesforce customers were not active with question on web services integrating customer data and legacy integration as they were in the year 2008. The year 2012 showcased a high momentum particularly on mobile web services development.

    Salesforce platform works for Enterprise Applications
    The benefits of installing Force.com application in an organization is listed below. It is thought as a marketing gimmicks of enterprise software sellers. But after careful analysis it was found that the platform has number of advantages. It is one of the best for engaging huge counts of users. An analysis revealed that Salesforce.com has invested heavily in cloud infrastructure and as a result, the developers are rendering quick delivery of enterprise applications to bring about reliability, security and superior performance.

    The greatest challenge for Force.com application going beyond CRM is the CPQ or Cost Price Quote and the contract management. Many organizations has two separate product strategies for both the areas. Aptus is a great tool to unify the product strategies on Force.com. Aptus delivers enterprise-class applications on Salesforce platform and it gives the opportunity to understand the customer needs and living upto their expectation. The excel both in functionality and innovation. The platform has grown in terms of global scalability and capabilities. The customers are beneficiaries of multi-tenancy, security, performance and reliability.

    Salesforce certified sales cloud consultants are in great demand. They help to build healthy CRM relationships throughout the company. Please check the following link to know more :-salesforce.org

    salesSalesforce is a multi-tenant architecture promoting effective use of computing resources leading to significant savings for the company even for those deploying private cloud. The security model of both Force.com and Salesforce apps. Meanwhile Financialforce.com has developed accounting, billing and ordering service based on Force.com architecture by sharing the master date, security features and reliability.

    The shared architecture supports native applications with best uptime. There is no doubt that native Force.com applications are offering good value for investment. There is relief for the IT with data integration, upgrades, giving the advantage to the user to remain in familiar interface. They support easier and quicker deployment with fast user adoption.

    Force.com ensures developers achieve revenue growth with mobile app development platform. On the whole Salesforce has become an platform providers from an application provider.