Industrial Pallet Rack: Storage Racks In Industry

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  • March 9, 2016
  • Storage Racks In IndustryIndustrial pallet rack is otherwise called as heavy duty shelving. It has heavy weight capacitance and available in many size and style. The industrial pallet rock is similar to lighter heavy duty, but there exists some little differences between them. Installation of heavy pallet rack requires a professional to set up effectively to prevent any danger to the workers and content. Due to human or mechanical error, the industrial pallet rock may get forklift collisions occasionally. You can insure it under the commercial insurance policy to get a claim for the replacement cost if any damages occur. The industrial pallet rack is specially designed for large equipment like heavy weight materials and parts storage space. It has ample space to store the large containers and is very easy to move the items to different locations safely.

    Storage Racks In Industry1The most commonly used and popular model used in industrial pallet rack type is teardrop design. This model has a standard dimension with an adjustable 2 inches space to create any additional storage space if required. The main advantage of using teardrop design is a boltless system designed in this model. Instead of bolts, braces are linked together with tensile steel to make safe truss. The boltless design makes the teardrop to easy assembling and adjusting.
    The maximum storage capacity in teardrop design is thirty five thousand pounds. If you want to place more weight than this, then you can choose structural steel racks which can withstand up to 48000 pounds. Like the teardrop model it can also holds the additional 30 inches to use it optimally for maximum storage.There is specialist available to support you in selecting industrial pallet rack for your factory needs to store the bulky materials. You should install it using the trained professional for safety reasons and effective storage space.

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    Get To Know The Bulk Storage Racks

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  • June 7, 2015
  • Storage Racks

    Normally the bulk storage devices will be very handy to store large and long parts in a better way. These storage racks will be available in various sizes, but 72 inches will be the maximum measurement in terms of height measurement available in the storage rack. Some of the parts that will be usually stored in this type of rack include midsize gearboxes, air filters, motors,longer hydraulic or air cylinders, conveyor belts, flexible ductwork, gear motors and speed reducers that will be normally heavier or large to store in small shelves. Cross beams shall be placed above the floor level so that that the storage shall be done above the floor. Pallets can be used so that it will help in storing the heavy articles in a better manner.

    Storage Racks

    Pallet racks shall be found in warehouses, and their prime use will be to do the inventory management. Pallet racks will be able to handle the following product storage like large machine or components assemblies, pumps, machine parts, components and motors. It will be a good idea to make sure the heaviest part can be stored in the floor as it will reduce the risk,and this should be noted properly by the supervisor. Normally the measurement of this rack will be as follows 6-12 feet in length, 24-48 inches deep, and the height might vary upto 20 feet.

    In order to handle a part that weighs tons decks that will be combined with beam pair load can be used. In order to make efficient use of space vertical racks will be very useful.

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    Key Points Related To Pallet Racks

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  • February 13, 2015
  • Pallet Racks

    Pallet racks play a vital role in the store rooms as they will be highly advantageous when compared to the various other options available in the market. In fact, the pallet racks shall be said to be the skeleton of the store room without which proper storage of materials will not be possible in an effective manner. When planning is done for creating a new warehouse or expanding an already existing warehouse it is necessary to make sure the pallet rack is not missed in the conversation. There are numerous varieties in the pallet racks, and it will be the user’s choice to find the right one according to the need. The traditional pallet racks will have their positives at the same time the sophisticated automated racks will have their own advantage.

    Pallet Racks

    Efficiency will be the prime fact that has to be noted while selecting the rack as it will be providing the expected value for the money spent for the purpose. Have a look at the material that is used to create the rack as it will be playing an important role in deciding the strength of the rack. Beams shall be used to support the racks as they will be very handy to hold on when very heavy articles are stored in the rack. The beams and frames have to be connected in a proper way so that there are no complications at the time of storage. The two categories of pallet rack will include the low-density rack and the high-density rack.

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