How To Become One Of The Top Mechanical Design Companies In Chennai

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  • November 13, 2016
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    A mechanical design engineer usually helps to develop conceptual and detailed designs according to the client’s request. They also collaborate with industrial designers to develop product concepts as well as product specifications.  There are several mechanical design companies in Chennai who are willing to carry out this work.  Generally, a good design expert should be able to identify the client’s’ problems and find appropriate solutions.  You can always get more information at

    Sometimes there is a team of design engineers based on the scale of the project. The first step towards creating a new design would be a meeting with the client. This helps the design engineer to understand the client’s’ needs and collect information regarding the product to be designed. The best industrial and mechanical design companies are the ones who are willing to listen to their clients patiently and try to gauge what they are looking for. After this, the next phase is creating the drawings required. Several software is available in the market today like CAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor and so on. Once the drawings or designs are presented to the client, alterations can be made according to the new requests made by the client.

    mechanical-engineering_300_200The next phase of the process is having a prototype built based on the design created. Prototypes can be a functional or non-functional depending on the final product. During this stage, design flaws if any or noted and changes are made accordingly to the design. Once this is done, the packaging for the product is also developed. The prototype developed in the earlier stage is referred to as the alpha prototype. The beta prototype is created after correcting the design flaws. This is repeated until a flawless prototype is created. The design is then put forward for manufacturing by the design team.

    In some instances, it has been seen that an immediate solution to the flaw in the prototype as not reached. For example, recently a design company was hired to find out why certain fluid filled shock absorbing shoe parts were not working up to the expected level. The design company was chosen because of its expertise in polymers. They then started working on a new kids’ shoe that included sensors and LEDs to measure the speed of a running child. The clients were very impressed by this that they patented the design along with the design company.

    Most people approach a design consultant as they don’t have the time or expertise to spend and solve a potential problem in their product design. The mechanical design consultants are seen mostly as problem solvers. A client base can be built slowly by proving that you are the best in the field along with a great knack for solving problems. It is also a good idea to keep increasing your technical know-how and keep adding to your technical toolbox. Consultants are hired for their out of the box ideas and opinions. These ideas have to be conveyed to the client in a non-condescending manner. Unless you are in sync with the client, it is impossible to move ahead with the project.

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